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Radiosurgical treatment of brain tumors in a single session
What is the Gamma Knife?
Without the need for surgical procedure for the treatment of brain tumors, Gamma Knife, radiosurgery is a tried and proven success as a scientific technique. 3.5 mm Gamma Knife? Than small brain tumors, without the need for sensitive and risky surgical procedure, non-invasive and can be treated quickly. General anesthesia is applied Gamma Knife treatment is completed within a few hours, and patients can return home the same day.
What are the advantages offered by the Gamma Knife treatment?
• eliminate the need for open surgery in many brain tumors can be removed
. • After the procedure, side effects are very minimal.
• do not need general anesthesia.
• on the day of treatment, the patient can return home.
• does the period of convalescence.
• consist of the scalp and skull wound.
• Hair should be levied, and molt.
• Very little discomfort with the greatly benefit can be obtained.
• Short-time job can do.
• Normal brain tissue is very little radiation.
- Patients with vascular disorders:
-That arteriovenous malformations (abnormal vascular Fescue)
-That cavernomas
-Aneurysm of the vein of Galen
-Patients with Benign tumor:
-The vestibular schwannoma (Hearing-balance nerve tumor)o HB
-That Meningioma
-The Chordoma
-The pituitary tumor
-The trigeminal schwannoma
-Tumors of the pineal region
-The Kraniofaringiom
- Patients with malignant tumors:
-The Metastases
-Those with ocular melanoma
-The Astrocytoma
-That hemangiopericytoma
-Glomus tumor of the carcinoma of the nasopharynx
- People with Movement:
-Parkinson`s disease is the
-Those with essential tremor (shaking)
-Multiple Sclerosis
- People with Functional:
-Trigeminal neuralgia that
-Epilepsy (Sara disease)
-That chronic pain
-Brain tumors are located in areas difficult to reach and deep ones
that age, medical condition, general health status of patients who are unable to tolerate -Surgery for reasons such as it is the patients who refused surgery
Gamma Knife treatment stages
-Installing the stereotactic frame:
- Neuroradiological imaging:
- Dose planning:
-Tthe implementation of the beam