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Robotic Radiosurgery is a safe and millimeter radiation therapy CYBERKNIFE (SPACE Nester)
Can not be treated with conventional radiation therapy, or surgery is a complex operation that requires a new hope to patients in the treatment of tumors that can not be?
Which is used in the treatment of cancer?

Brain tumors;
CyberKnife, all the lesions in the brain and head and neck region
CyberKnife in the brain, benign and malignant brain tumors, metastases,
arteriovenous malformations and functional disorders in the treatment of some of the equipment used.
-Lung cancers,
-prostate cancer,
-Head and neck cancers,
-Hertebral tumors,
-Pancreatic cancer
-Respiratory tumor with bowel movements or changes in the lung and liver tumors, treatment of spinal cord
-Rrecurrent tumors in the irradiated regions
What are the advantages offered by CyberKnife`

Cancer patients with the CyberKnife is a new and highly accurate method of treatment has gained. This method is a SRC / SRT method is inoperable, is ideal for small and are difficult to reach areas is described as lesions.
-CyberKnife is a method that can be used as an alternative to surgery. Does not require surgery.
-a complex operation that requires operation or not being able to offer an option to patients for the treatment of tumors.
- Under treatment with an accuracy of a millimeter minimize the damage healthy tissue around the by tumor .
-Between 1 and 5 offers short-term treatment with the application session.-During the treatment the tumor and patient movement guidance system and the snapshot immediately following the treatment is carried out with the aid of a computer-controlled robot technology. Thus, detecting changes in instantaneous corrected during treatment.
- CyberKnife the patient breaths following the movements of the tumor occurred, and thus the correction is accurate and accordingly performs irradiation. - Concomitant treatment may implement multiple tumors.
- a painless treatment. For the treatment of patients during anesthesia and treatment do not feel a thing.
- CyberKnife for the treatment of patients do not need hospitalization. Patients can return to normal activity immediately after treatment and can go to work.
- Treatment planning is done with interdisciplinary teamwork.
How does the CyberKnife system?

-CyberKnife radiosurgery system, mainly placed on six articulated industrial robot weighs 140 kg and 6 6 MV linear accelerator x-ray producing movable robotic sick bed in direction occurs. The robot is reported as 0.2 mm accuracy. Unlike conventional SRC methods to determine the location of the target display and guidance that the CyberKnife system combines a computer-controlled robot system allows teleportation tumors precisely.
How it is done?
CyberKnife plastic mask placed in the patient`s face, is applied to the patient without surgical intervention. Namely, the patient during the treatment lies in table 6 D-movable robot controlled. CyberKnife? Ta, followed by the tumor to locate and track changes in patient position, and if necessary, change the appearance of tumor motion capture system is not used. With this system, lung and liver tumors sensitive to changes in the respiratory SRC / SRT are treated. During this treatment, the patient does not have to hold his breath or breathing on a regular basis.