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Radiotherapy improves local control method
Used to treat patients should be given high-dose radiation brachytherapy improves local control of the disease. Thus, applying high doses of tumor does not suffer from the normal tissue.
What is Brachytherapy?
Brachytherapy method; external (external) before or after radiotherapy of the tumor in order to improve local control of the disease by increasing the dose of the method used. However, the condition can be applied as appropriate in patients with curettage alone.
Brachytherapy radioactive sources, the tumor and target tissues are placed into the specific methods applied, thus limiting the dose around the source is provided.
Brachytherapy is used in which situations?
Gynecological Tumors; Brachytherapy method in the treatment of gynecologic cancer alone or combined with external beam radiotherapy is the standard treatment.
Prostate Cancer: Prostate cancer, a disease that requires multidisciplinary approach to the discipline of urology. Brachytherapy these cancers alone or iodine-25 PI-103 seed implantation treatment, offering a high quality of life, and tumor control. As well as external (external) can also be used as a complementary treatment to reduce the side effects of the treatment.
Head and Neck Tumors: Language, lips, skin cancer and the most common use of nasal cancer tumors are known as brachytherapy.
Bronchial Tumors: Chest diseases in the field of bronchial tumors need a multidisciplinary approach to understanding. Brachytherapy for the perioperative or postoperative irradiation in the tumor bed (during and after surgery) is used. Lung and heart, the dose brachytherapy minimally implemented.
Treatment of soft tissue sarcomas: Orthopedic and plastic surgery specialists and requires a multidisciplinary approach. Brachytherapy, intraoperative applica (application during surgery) from surrounding tissue while preserving tumor bed irradiation makes it possible.